The Tradition of Chinese Slimming Tea

Chinese slimming tea is a ray of hope for millions of obese people who live under the dark cloud of an eternal fear that some life-threatening or debilitating disease like diabetes, hypertension, coronary thrombosis or arthritis etc is going to catch hold of them sooner or later. People from several Asian countries have used the Chinese slimming tea for weight loss from times immemorial, and now the western world is also taking notice of its immense potential in treating obesity. For a very long time the westerners were skeptical about the claims made by the Asian people that a brew that energizes can also help lose weight. How, they thought, could you lose weight without any strenuous exercises or weight loss pills, just sitting in your living room and sipping a cup of hot brew?

Modern scientific and medical research has shown that green tea has high levels of polyphenols and caffeine that have thermogenic properties for stimulating the process of fat oxidation and preventing the deposition of fats in the Adipose tissues. This results in a high metabolic rate without increasing the heart rate, thus helping in weight reduction effectively. Experiments show that you can lose up to a whopping seventy calories a day by regularly consuming this brew that was first brewed in China some three thousand years ago and has been used ever since by the Chinese and other Asian people for alleviating their weight woes.

Chinese slimming tea is not a magic potion, yet it alleviates your weight worries even as you sit back and relax. It has high levels of compounds that prevent the absorption of fat thus helping you shed that dreaded fat. A brew like Chinese Star Anise tea improves digestion and boosts metabolism, which speeds up the rate of fat burning in the body and you are able to lose weight quickly and easily. There are many varieties of weight loss teas of Chinese origin that use various herbs and plants like Mallow, Ginseng, Eleuthro root, Licorice, and Linghzi etc. Some of these are very effective for weight loss, however, some are strong laxatives and diuretics, and can cause diarrhea in the beginning and chronic constipation on regular use. People suffering from chronic eating disorders and diseases like Hypothyroidism and Anorexia Nervosa etc should consult their physicians before using such varieties.

A slim tea can help you lose the obstinate fat effectively and without causing any serious side effects. It can help you regain your original, attractive shape, and lead a healthier lifestyle if you choose your product carefully and consult your physician before using it.

Source by Ali Moin

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